A word of warning, first, just because a certain sport may or may not be safe for indoor play, you still want to have plenty of space! Even if you’re using a foam basketball, there’s still a possibility of knocking valuable things right over. Ideally, indoor sports should be restricted to a room free of fragile things, and with plenty of room for a little bit of running and jumping.

Of course, then again, ideally you want to be playing sports outside. Indoor sports, however, are a great way to get some exercise and keep from growing restless when it’s raining, snowing, or too cold outside. Likewise, if it’s night time and your kids have a little extra energy to burn off before they’re ready to fall asleep, indoor sports can help to wear them out in time for bed once it’s dark out.

Anyways, that said, there are a few sports that can be played indoors, safely, thanks to some toys out there today.


With smaller hoops and a miniaturized, foam ball, shooting hoops indoors is made possible, and safe. Of course, it’s not a full game of basketball in many ways. You can’t dribble, of course, and it’d be a little hard to get more than two people to a team, but you can shoot, block, and pass just as well.

Miniature Golf

With tiny plastic golf clubs and cups for the plastic golf balls, it’s pretty easy to set up miniature golf courses in your own home, using items around the house as obstacles and to arrange courses. Most toy golf kits come complete with a caddy bag and a variety of clubs. This is especially fun indoors when you get inventive with the courses, setting up ramps and obstacles with books and other items.


Don’t kick too hard! Setting up a small goal indoors, you can get a little goalie practice.

Understandably, there are some sports, such as football and baseball, which just can’t really be played indoors without knocking everything over. However, with a few such exceptions, a rainy day shouldn’t be an excuse to slack off and sit around all day.

There are plenty of ways for your kids to get their daily exercise indoors, as long as you have a little bit of space, when the weather outdoors isn’t exactly friendly towards sports and outdoor play.

And again, just keep in mind that you will still want to practice all of the basic safety measures. Move everything valuable out of the way and clear off some floor space (in fact, if you have a garage with some room in it, that would be ideal). No matter how careful you try to be, it can be easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment, and throw a game winning shot, even though you had to knock the coffee table over to do it. It can be hard to try and pay attention to anything but the task at hand once you get “in the zone”.

Indoor sports
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