Today we often see kids with an array of health problems because they aren’t encouraged to get out there and be active. If your child is more likely to want to play Playstation than soccer on a saturday morning then we have some great tips for getting them outdoors and off the couch. From leading by example to purchasing the right outdoor toys to make outdoor activities fun, we’ve got some great ideas you don’t want to miss:

Set a good example
Your kids aren’t going to listen to you if you aren’t setting a good active example. By being active yourself, you are able to guide them to be the same way. Go for a walk, take a pilates, class whatever you enjoy doing. Invite your family members to join you on your walk or activity.

Variety is important
It’s easy to get bored of playing outside if all you have is a basketball and hoop. Give your child a range of outdoor sports equipment so they can try new things and play with them when their friends come to visit. They may even discover a passion for a particular sport through trying out different equipment.

Family fun
Take time out at least once a week to do one outdoor activity together as a family. This could be going for a bush walk, playing backyard cricket or going swimming. Whatever it is, invite other relatives to join in too if they’re free. You want your kids to associate being active with having fun and changing it up and having the whole family come together for it will do just that.

Team sports
Signing your child up to participate in a team sport is a great way to get them outside and being active. Talk to them first about what they would like to participate in. What’s great about team sports is it is also a great way for them to meet new people and make new friends as well as helping them to develop important team skills.

The right incentives
If you don’t really know what sports or activities your child is interested in then it can be hard to assist them to get outdoors and start enjoying themselves. Talk to your child about what they are enjoy doing. Perhaps a new bike, scooter or basketball ring for their birthday or Christmas might be just the thing! Whether you purchase them offline or online toys and sports equipment that help get your child active are invaluable and are a great investment in your child’s health.

Being active is so important for both children and adults. While game systems can be great fun for kids, they can often take up time that should be spent enjoying beautiful summer days and crisp sunny winter mornings outdoors. I hope our list of tips will help you to encourage your child to get outside and have fun playing sport and other great outdoor activities.

5 Tips for Getting Your Kids off the Couch and Outside
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