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Yogee Toys has something for every crafty boy and girl! Kids of all ages will be busy with all sorts of crafts and art projects. Pliable Play-Doh and fun accessories let kids sculpt all sorts of shapes! Kids can make jewellery with AMAV bead sets, or learn new crafts and art techniques with Klutz books. Girls can make their own glittery make-up with GALT, or jewellery and accessories. Basic and advanced art supplies by Crayola and Hunter and Leisure give your child creative freedom. Your child has tons of possibilities with great crafts from plenty of brands on Yogee Toys!

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  1. BMS9781926905310 image

    SpiceBox Art Studio Pastels


    Explore the joys of Pastels with this all-inclusive kit! Part of the joy of working with pastels is the scope they offer for freedom of... Learn More
  2. BMS9781771321853 image 2

    SpiceBox Art Studio Drawing With Charcoal & Conté


    Discover your inner artist! Learn to create bold, dramatic sketches and drawings with charcoal, conté crayons and chalk. More versatile and expressive than pencil, the... Learn More
  3. BMS9781927010099 image

    SpiceBox The Easy Way Chinese Brush Painting


    Join internationally acclaimed artist Danny Han-Lin Chen as he guides you on a wonderful journey to discovering Chinese Brush Painting. He has thoughtfully selected twelve... Learn More
  4. BMS9781771323017 image

    SpiceBox Introduction to Chinese Brush Painting


    Become the artist you've always wanted to be!

    Discover the techniques used by the masters as you follow step-by-step lessons designed to help you draw... Learn More
  5. BMS9781771320405 image

    SpiceBox Instant Artist Van Gough


    Become an Instant Artist, with this comprehensive series that gives you the tools and components you need to unlock your creative wisdom instantly! These powerful... Learn More
  6. BMS9781771322980 image

    SpiceBox Introduction to Watercolour


    Become the artist you've always wanted to be!

    With clear, simple lessons on technique, and all the paints and supplies you need to get started,... Learn More
  7. BMS9781771322720 image

    SpiceBox Masterclass Sketching


    Follow the step-by-step lessons and learn to give your drawings a sense of realism and expression so that you can sketch with skill and confidence.... Learn More
  8. SpiceBox Instant Artist

    SpiceBox Instant Artist


    This assorted kit provides some of the most highly recognized pieces of our time, all in one kit! Within the zippered PVC bag you will... Learn More
  9. BMS9781771320429 image

    SpiceBox Instant Artist Three Little Fairies


    Three little fairies brings out the magic! Within the zippered PVC bag you will find 12 tubes of high quality acrylic paints, 3 artist brushes... Learn More
  10. BMS9781771322959 image

    SpiceBox Introduction to Oil Painting


    This Introduction To Oil Painting kit makes the perfect gift for any craft or art enthusiast.

    This Complete Kit includes all the material needed to... Learn More
  11. BMS9781771322973 image

    SpiceBox Introduction to Drawing


    Discover the techniques used by the masters as you follow step-by-step lessons designed to help you draw with skill and confidence. With a handy set... Learn More
  12. BMS9781771323161 image

    SpiceBox 123 Draw Things That Go


    How do you draw a really cool cartoon plane? It's easy! Just follow the steps and find out how you can turn simple shapes into... Learn More
  13. SpiceBox Watercolour The Easy Way

    SpiceBox Watercolour The Easy Way


    Watercolor has its own way... it predicts the outcome of the shapes. Let artist Phillip Berrill explain the mysteries of how to draw watercolor portraits... Learn More
  14. SpiceBox Rock Painting Kit

    SpiceBox Rock Painting Kit


    Rock painting is a fun easy craft to do that everyone can enjoy. From the hunt for the perfect pebble to the satisfaction of finding... Learn More

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