BRIO Wooden Train Sets and Accessories

BRIOs wooden railways have always been natural classics that children never grow tired of. The tracks are the same reliable foundation in the railway system as always, while the assortment of trains, buildings and accessories constantly changes and increases.

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  1. B33827 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33827 Smart Tech Lift & Load Crane



    Special: $50.92
    Save: $8.98 (15%)

    Get ready to swing into action with the 33827 Smart Tech Lift & Load Crane. Make light work of heavy loads and have fun learning... Learn More
  2. B34100 image # 1

    Brio Game 34100 Take Along Labyrinth Game



    Special: $50.92
    Save: $8.98 (15%)

    Generations of children have grown up battling the BRIO Labyrinth. We felt it was time to grow this family with a new member – a... Learn More
  3. B34017 image # 1

    Brio Game 34017 Pinball Game



    Special: $79.92
    Save: $19.98 (20%)

    BRIO’s first ever Pinball Game! An exciting mix of beautiful design and ingenious features, it promises many hours of fun. The metal ball is not... Learn More
  4. B34591 image # 1

    Brio Builder 34591 Motor Set



    Special: $95.92
    Save: $23.98 (20%)

    Bring your BRIO Builder creations to life with the BRIO 34591 Builder Motor Set - the perfect building toy to challenge the imagination of budding... Learn More
  5. B34592 image # 1

    Brio Builder 34592 Record Play Set



    Special: $63.92
    Save: $15.98 (20%)

    The BRIO 34592 Builder Record & Play Set lets your child’s building toy creations come to life with the addition of recorded speech and sounds.... Learn More
  6. B33962 image # 1

    Brio World Railway 33962 Smart Tech Container Crane



    Special: $79.92
    Save: $19.98 (20%)

    Lift and load wooden cargo containers from railway trains, lorries, and boats with the 33962 Smart Tech Container Crane.

    Strong and smart 360° rotating crane:... Learn More
  7. B33649 image # 1

    Brio World Railway 33649 Central Train Station



    Special: $63.92
    Save: $15.98 (20%)

    All aboard! The central train station features double tracks and a wide range of sounds from the ticket machine. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your... Learn More
  8. B33736 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33736 Wooden Grand Roundhouse



    Special: $117.52
    Save: $29.38 (20%)

    Where do the trains go to park? Into the Grand Roundhouse of course! Use the turntable to place the trains into their individual stables. The... Learn More
  9. B33833 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33833 Fire Station



    Special: $127.92
    Save: $31.98 (20%)

    At the rescue fire station you have to be prepared for action. When the alarm goes off, slide down the slide to the fire truck... Learn More
  10. B33402 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33402 Wooden Intermediate Expansion Track Pack



    Special: $50.92
    Save: $8.98 (15%)

    Follow the track, extend and shift where needed. With the expansion pack intermediate with 16 parts, the possibilities for extension of your BRIO railway are... Learn More
  11. B33307 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33307 Wooden Advanced Expansion Track Pack



    Special: $56.02
    Save: $9.88 (15%)

    Expand the BRIO wooden railway system in all new directions with this multi functional advanced expansion pack of switches and accessories.

  12. B33863 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33863 App-Enabled Engine



    Special: $83.92
    Save: $20.98 (20%)

    The 33863 App-Enabled Engine is something extraordinary. Discover the fun of driving this engine with your tablet on your BRIO train track - turn on... Learn More
  13. B33746 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33746 Travel Rechargeable Train



    Special: $63.67
    Save: $11.23 (15%)

    Long train running! With this rechargeable train, there’s almost no end to the fun. This modern-design train comes with a mini-USB charging cable, perfect for... Learn More
  14. B33599 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33599 Rechargeable Engine with Mini USB Cable



    Special: $62.82
    Save: $11.08 (15%)

    Now this is really something extra on the tracks. The black powerful masterpiece with the feel of a classic steam engine. A lamp in the... Learn More
  15. B33213 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33213 Remote Control Engine



    Special: $56.02
    Save: $9.88 (15%)

    Take Control! This is the remote control engine that will follow your every command on the BRIO train tracks. The unique controller has easy to... Learn More
  16. B33319 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33319 Battery Operated Action Train



    Special: $50.07
    Save: $8.83 (15%)

    If you’re looking for a new set of wheels for your BRIO train track, you’re in the right place. This battery operated action train set... Learn More
  17. B33748 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33748 High Speed Train



    Special: $45.82
    Save: $8.08 (15%)

    This high-speed train has all the materials and feel of our classic trains, but with a modern design. To let everyone know you’re coming, be... Learn More
  18. B33773 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33773 Wooden Railway Starter Set



    Special: $77.52
    Save: $19.38 (20%)

    Everything you need to build and play with your first BRIO railway in an ultimate way. Start with a track layout formed like an eight,... Learn More
  19. B33815 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33815 Wooden Firefighter Set



    Special: $82.32
    Save: $20.58 (20%)

    There is a fire and they need your help! Drive immediately to the docking station and fill the fire train with water and gas. The... Learn More
  20. B33867 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33867 Metro Tube Train



    Special: $46.67
    Save: $8.23 (15%)

    All passengers on board? Shut the doors, start the engine and pull away from the station. The London-inspired metro train sounds just like a real... Learn More
  21. Brio Railway 33720 Wooden Safari Railway Set

    Brio Railway 33720 Wooden Safari Railway Set



    Special: $54.32
    Save: $9.58 (15%)

    Come along on a safari rail adventure and spot the zebra out on the savannah. Watch out for the mischievous monkey who likes to steal... Learn More
  22. Brio Railway 33757 Wooden Lifting Bridge

    Brio Railway 33757 Wooden Lifting Bridge



    Special: $46.67
    Save: $8.23 (15%)

    Its the boats turn to pass by. Just turn the crank to lift the bridge and manually lower the stop barriers. Includes 2 ascending tracks... Learn More
  23. Brio Railway 33510 RC Travel Train

    Brio Railway 33510 RC Travel Train



    Special: $63.12
    Save: $15.78 (20%)

    Take control and drive safely you have a passenger onboard!

    The unique controller has easy to use reverse and stop functions as well as two... Learn More
  24. B33772 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33772 Wooden 50-Piece Track Pack



    Special: $115.92
    Save: $28.98 (20%)

    For expanding BRIO wooden train sets. Contains 50 track pieces.

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

    Age: 3 years... Learn More
  25. Brio Railway 33306 Airplane

    Brio Railway 33306 Airplane



    Special: $45.82
    Save: $8.08 (15%)

    Ready for take-off! The three-seat airplane is now ready for boarding and new great adventures lie ahead. Includes a blue airplane with a panel that... Learn More
  26. Brio Railway 33204 Wooden Parking Garage

    Brio Railway 33204 Wooden Parking Garage



    Special: $111.92
    Save: $27.98 (20%)

    Bring the world of rail and road together in this unique parking garage with multiple levels of fun! Drive to the top and park take... Learn More
  27. Brio Railway 33578 Wooden Record and Play Station

    Brio Railway 33578 Wooden Record and Play Station



    Special: $70.32
    Save: $17.58 (20%)

    Record your own railway announcements! This interactive station features buttons for recording and playing messages. It also features pre-recorded engine sounds a station light and... Learn More
  28. Brio Railway 33593 Big Green Action Locomotive

    Brio Railway 33593 Big Green Action Locomotive



    Special: $46.67
    Save: $8.23 (15%)

    Keep aspiring train drivers occupied. It runs with two front lights lit and has manually operated buttons for full speed ahead full reverse and the... Learn More
  29. B33210 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33210 Wooden Rail & Road Loading Set



    Special: $111.92
    Save: $27.98 (20%)

    Lift and load! This set is packed with lots of play including two trucks and a train pulling a crane wagon that can lift loads... Learn More
  30. B33097 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33097 Wooden Cargo Railway Deluxe Set



    Special: $215.92
    Save: $53.98 (20%)

    With this 50 piece railway set the freight and cargo world is almost complete. An action packed train world filled with mechanical and loading functions... Learn More
  31. B33595 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33595 Battery Powered Engine



    Special: $31.41
    Save: $3.49 (10%)

    Full steam ahead with this classic green battery powered engine. The forward and reverse functions as well as headlights that light up makes this a... Learn More
  32. B33209 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33209 Wooden Rail & Road Travel Set



    Special: $111.92
    Save: $27.98 (20%)

    Here comes the passenger train! The two-wagon train is ready to take the passengers around this magnificent BRIO train world. Look out the window and... Learn More
  33. B33208 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33208 Wooden Rail & Road Crane Set



    Special: $99.92
    Save: $24.98 (20%)

    You can always trust this strong mechanical crane to do its job. It will unload the heavy cargo from the train when it arrives and... Learn More
  34. B33683 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33683 Double Suspension Bridge



    Special: $50.07
    Save: $8.83 (15%)

    BRIO's longest bridge takes you on a thrilling journey across the water. The bridge stands steadily and can be rebuilt to form shorter suspension bridges... Learn More
  35. B33512 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33512 Wooden Travel Switching Set



    Special: $171.92
    Save: $42.98 (20%)

    Connect from one train to another with this exciting railway set full of play! The blue line has a battery powered train that takes passengers... Learn More
  36. B33506 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33506 Travel Battery Train



    Special: $52.62
    Save: $9.28 (15%)

    This modern battery train travels all over the BRIO rail tracks. The engine driver sits comfortably in his seat ready to take passengers out on... Learn More
  37. B33513 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33513 Wooden Metro Railway Set



    Special: $93.42
    Save: $16.48 (15%)

    Take the metro into the city! The train keeps up with the driver - the faster its pushed the more light and train sound it... Learn More
  38. B33719 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33719 Wooden Farm Railway Set



    Special: $75.92
    Save: $18.98 (20%)

    Out on the farm life is quiet. The cow and horse are out on pasture while the tractor is taking the hay load to the... Learn More
  39. B33391 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33391 Wooden Collapsing Bridge



    Special: $50.92
    Save: $8.98 (15%)

    Ready set collapse! Press the red button to make the bridge collapse so that no trains can pass until the bridge has been rebuilt again.... Learn More
  40. B33061 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33061 Wooden Cargo Harbour Set



    Special: $83.92
    Save: $20.98 (20%)

    The container ship sails across the water and arrives in the harbour with cargo. The battery operated train is waiting to get loaded with help... Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 42 total

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