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A four-hole wooden board with a wooden mallet for hammering practice. Children can turn it over and start the fun all over again.


* Children can use the mallet to pound the different coloured pegs as they like and continue playing by simply turning the board; this develop fine motor skill and eye-hand coordination. Pounding also helps children release tension and teaches them regarding disciplinary action.
* Parents should specify the colour to hammer; this will help children learn to differentiate and recognize colours easily.
* Parents should praise children when they can do it and advice if they are not able to do so.


1. Physical Development

* Eye-hand coordination.
* Gross motor skill (leg muscle hand muscle-obtained from running walking and exercising).
* Fine Motor skill.
* Skilled and efficient in walking and balancing.
* Agility and skilful in movement.

2. Language & Communication

* Intra-inter communication.
* Using product as a mean to tell stories and ask question to stimulate children to speak and give opinions.
* Interaction between parents & child or children themselves (converse 2 ways communication).
* Sign Language.

3. Logical Thinking

* Reasoning regarding occurrence of sound and structure.
* Ability to think analyse plan and organize.

4. Mathematic Development

* Counting objects numbers and shapes.
* Distance direction proximity.
* Colours matching seriation ordering and size differentiating.

Age: 2 years & up
Toy Size: approx. 9cm (H) x 17.5cm (L) x 17.5cm (W)

Colours may vary.

Additional Information

SKU PT5126
UPC/EAN/ISBN 8854740051264
Country of Manufacture Thailand
Brand Plan Toys
Usually Dispatched In 3-5 business days
Gender Boy, Girl
Age 2- 4 Years
Character N/A
Material Wood
Package Height (cm) 19.0000
Package Length (cm) 19.0000
Package Width (cm) 12.0000
Previous Price No
Previous Price Date No
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