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Plan Toys Wooden Musical Oval Xylophone

Plan Toys Wooden Musical Oval Xylophone

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* This colourful xylophone is an enjoyable way to stimulate childrens natural sense of harmony and rhythm.


* Using the mallet to pound the bars will help develop fine motor skill and stimulate eye-hand coordination.
* Each bar produces different pitch by telling children to pound the bars by switching the colours will help stimulate hearing and listening develop recognition skill and also learn about colours at the same time.
* Pounding the bars has an effect on children; it generates interest develops concentration and also helps to release tension within.
* Parents should praise children when they can do it and advice if they are not able to do so.


1. Physical development

* Eye-hand coordination.
* Gross motor skill ( leg muscle hand muscle-obtained from running walking and exercising).
* Fine Motor skill.
* Skilled and efficient in walking and balancing.
* Agility and skillful in movement.

2. Language & Communication

* Intra-inter communication.
* Using product as a mean to tell stories and ask question to stimulate children to speak and give opinions.
* Interaction between parents & child or children themselves (converse 2 ways communication).
* Sign Language and musical language (musical note singing a song to the tune).

3. Mathematic Development

* Counting objects numbers and shapes.
* Distance direction proximity.
* Colours matching seriation ordering and size differentiating.

4. Logical Thinking

* Reasoning regarding occurrence of sound and structure.
* Ability to think analyse plan and organize.

Age: 19 months & up
Item Size: approx. 7 x 28 x 18 cm
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UPC/EAN/ISBN 8854740064059
Package Height (cm) 23.0000
Package Length (cm) 28.0000
Package Width (cm) 10.0000
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