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[DISCONTINUED] The Bead System - Parenting Made Simple Book

[DISCONTINUED] The Bead System - Parenting Made Simple Book

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The Bead System is a reward cost and penalty system that teaches children choice values and life-skills such as integrity and responsibility by using beads as a type of currency. The system helps to create clear firm and fair boundaries in the home while also mirroring the way the real world operates.

The Bead System teaches consequences for actions and gives choices. Its a win-win for the whole family. It helps build kids self-esteem as they learn to feel good about contributing to the household and realise that privileges need to be earned - not just expected. The Bead System is a tool to support parenting - and will help deliver results to ease the stress of parenting and ensure youre setting your children up for future success. The Bead System is based on giving children a choice - they have a say in how the system will operate in the household leaving them feeling heard and empowered. It is a respectful system that allows parents to communicate boundaries in a loving supportive manner and is based on mutual respect and teaches children the value of household work - that it does have a worth even though mum or dad may not be paid to do it.

The book includes: The comprehensive Bead System book, 120 beads (4 packets of 30 beads), 4 RCP contracts and bead system bumper sticker.

* Publisher: The Bead System
* Published: 01/08/2007
* Author: Jenny Gillson
* Format: Hardcover
* Pages: 48
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