Welcome to the world of collectibles at the online toys store, Yogee Toys. Sylvanian Families live in the idyllic world of Sylvania. This adorable toy collection provides individual creativity and endless imagination through pretend play. Just like real families, these adorable animal figures have all kinds of family members to share their love. With charming and beautifully detailed homes, furniture and accessories, children can enhance their original stories. The Sylvanian Families becomes a famous girls collectable range.

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  1. SF5365 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor


    The Elegant Town Manor is a luxury two-storey house, home of Stella the Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister. The Elegant Town Manor features a high ceiling,... Learn More
  2. SF5324 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Village Pizzeria


    The Village Pizzeria is a pizzeria that makes delicious pizzas using their large pizza oven. Change the direction of the building to change the size... Learn More
  3. SF5338 image # 2

    Sylvanian Families Children's Bedroom Set


    The Children's Bedroom Set features beds that can be detached and used individually, or together as a bunk bed. The set includes a total of... Learn More
  4. SF5359 image # 2

    Sylvanian Families Splashy Otter Family


    Meet the Splashy Otter Family, pack includes Father Glenn, Mother Amanda, Baby Brother Jack and Baby Sister Nicola. Dressed in removable fabric clothing, these miniature... Learn More
  5. SF5360 image # 2

    Sylvanian Families Blooming Flower Shop


    The Blooming Flower Shop is a lovely building with colourful flowers lined up inside. The Blooming Flower Shop features flowers that can be picked from... Learn More
  6. SF5316 image # 2

    Sylvanian Families Baby Castle Nursery


    The Baby Castle Nursery is a Nursery School that comes with plenty of playground equipment, such as a piano, swing, a slide that can be... Learn More
  7. SF4150-6008-6018-BD image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Value Pack: Chocolate Rabbit Family + Creamy Gelato Shop + Delicious Restaurant


    This value pack includes: "Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family", "Sylvanian Families Creamy Gelato Shop" & "Sylvanian Families Delicious Restaurant".

    Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family

    Meet... Learn More
  8. SF6009-6010-6011-BD image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Concert Set Value Pack: Violin + Cello + Piano


    This value pack includes: "Sylvanian Families Violin Concert Set", "Sylvanian Families Cello Concert Set" & "Sylvanian Families Grand Piano Concert Set".

    Sylvanian Families Violin Concert... Learn More
  9. SF5285 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Bedroom & Vanity Set


    The bed and vanity set is a collection fit for any bedroom in Sylvania. It is brought together with hints of lavender and a bedspread... Learn More
  10. SF6001 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Dress Up Duo Set


    The Dress Up Duo Set is a gorgeous two figure set containing the Chocolate Rabbit mother and girl in elegant dresses. They wear special satin... Learn More
  11. SF5315 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Grocery Market


    The Grocery Market features a checkout counter and shelving and comes with plenty of ingredients. A shopping basket is also included, allowing for more fun... Learn More
  12. SF6011 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Grand Piano Concert Set


    The Grand Piano Concert Set is a figure and accessory set containing Lionel the Lion pianist and a grand piano. The Lion pianist has special... Learn More
  13. SF6018 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Delicious Restaurant


    The Delicious Restaurant serves the finest food in town. Set the fences, aisle, staircase, and awnings as you like, to make your very own restaurant.... Learn More
  14. SF6007 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Ride Along Tram


    The Ride Along Tram takes everyone to all the nice places around town. This elegant tram is red and gold with beautiful engravings and the... Learn More
  15. SF6009 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Violin Concert Set


    The Violin Concert Set is a figure and accessory set of the Chocolate Rabbit girl and a violin. The Chocolate Rabbit girl has special hands... Learn More
  16. SF6008 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Creamy Gelato Shop


    The Creamy Gelato Shop serves sweet and delicious gelatos in town. The set includes a lovely sky blue shop building, counter, table, and colourful gelatos.... Learn More
  17. SF6022 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Grand Department Store Gift Set


    The Grand Department Store is a gorgeous department store in town with fancy decorations and engravings. The set comes with a functioning lift and revolving... Learn More
  18. SF5235 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Cosmetic Counter


    Using the gorgeous dresser and lots of makeup tools, upgrade your shopping at the Boutique and get dressed up! Set includes over 30 pieces including... Learn More
  19. SF5267 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse


    Starry Point Lighthouse is a lodge in the Seaside Area and the lighthouse really lights up and the top turns, just like the light of... Learn More
  20. SF5256 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre


    The Ballet Theatre is a grand theatre for the Sylvanian children to have ballet lessons and perform recitals.

    The Ballet Theatre comes with ballerina Freya... Learn More
  21. SF4108-SF5000-BD image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Family Value Pack: Milk Rabbit + Chiffon Dog


    This value pack includes: Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Family & Sylvanian Families Chiffon Dog Family.

    Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Family

    Meet the Buttermilk Rabbit Family... Learn More
  22. SF4150-SF4766-BD image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Family Value Pack: Chocolate Rabbit + Kangaroo


    This value pack includes: Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family & Sylvanian Families Kangaroo Family.

    Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family

    Meet the Chocolate Rabbit Family pack... Learn More
  23. SF4030-SF4172-BD image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Family Value Pack: Cottontail Rabbit + Walnut Squirrel


    This value pack includes: Sylvanian Families Cottontail Rabbit Family & Sylvanian Families Walnut Squirrel Family.

    Sylvanian Families Cottontail Rabbit Family

    Meet the Cottontail Rabbit Family... Learn More
  24. SF5228 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Seaside Ice Cream Shop


    The Seaside Ice Cream shop is owned by Amelia Sandy and she loves to serve everyone in Sylvania lots of fruit flavoured ice cream. When... Learn More
  25. SF5234 image

    Sylvanian Families Boutique


    The Boutique sells beautiful dresses, bags and accessories and is owned by Cecilia Teak who loves to wear special dresses. Find your favourite accessories among... Learn More
  26. SF5220 image

    Sylvanian Families Classic Furniture Set


    An ideal furniture set to make your Cosy Cottage even more cute and attractive! Set includes Teri Chocolate, piano, study desk, fridge, telephone plus more!... Learn More
  27. SF5241 image

    Sylvanian Families Convertible Car


    You can go anywhere in Sylvanian in this stylish two-seater convertible car! Open and close the fabric roof top.

    * Figures not included.

    WARNING: CHOKING... Learn More
  28. SF5242 image

    Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage Starter Home


    The Cosy Cottage is the ideal starter home for your Sylvanian Families. The first floor of the cottage can be removed to extend to the... Learn More
  29. Sylvanian Families School Friends

    Sylvanian Families School Friends


    School Friends Rebecca Periwinkle & Ralph Walnut come all dressed up for their first day at Country Tree School! They each have a school uniform... Learn More
  30. Sylvanian Families Country Tree School

    Sylvanian Families Country Tree School


    Welcome to Country Tree School the newest place of learning to open in the Sylvanian Village!

    With desks and chairs for six pupils plus a... Learn More
  31. Sylvanian Families Seaside Camping Set

    Sylvanian Families Seaside Camping Set


    What could be better than camping on the sand dunes with the sound of the ocean to lull you to sleep? This set contains Tiffany... Learn More
  32. Sylvanian Families Seaside Cruiser House Boat

    Sylvanian Families Seaside Cruiser House Boat


    This beautiful blue boat doubles as a floating house and has a pool and waterslide to keep the babies entertained. A must-have for the adventurous... Learn More
  33. Sylvanian Families Forest Nursery

    Sylvanian Families Forest Nursery


    The babies love the Forest Nursery. Hilda Hamilton is a teacher and there are many fun things that all the children enjoy.

    * Set includes... Learn More
  34. Sylvanian Families Country Doctor

    Sylvanian Families Country Doctor


    Dr. Alex Periwinkle runs the Country Clinic. Everyone is Sylvanian Village relies on his knowledge to help them get better when they arent well.

    *... Learn More
  35. Sylvanian Families Sweets Store

    Sylvanian Families Sweets Store


    The Sweets Store always has lots of lovely treats. Who can resist their fairy cakes lovely for a special treat or perhaps a biscuit for... Learn More
  36. Sylvanian Families The Caravan

    Sylvanian Families The Caravan


    With over 30 accessories the caravan is ideal for holidays spent travelling around Sylvania. Families can create a cosy home away from home with this... Learn More
  37. Sylvanian Families Tree House

    Sylvanian Families Tree House


    The Tree House is a fabulous place for the children to play with a wonderful slide tree swing and basket to pull things to the... Learn More
  38. SF5040 image 6

    Sylvanian Families Babies Ride and Play


    Mother rabbit takes babies to ride around a park in their new push car and tricycle! Includes mother rabbit baby rabbit and squirrel tricycle with... Learn More
  39. SF4370 image 2

    Sylvanian Families Log Cabin


    The Log Cabin is the Sylvanians favourite holiday hideaway. Tucked away in the woods is a special place for holidays with friends and family in... Learn More
  40. SF4766 image 1

    Sylvanian Families Kangaroo Family


    Meet the Kangaroo Family pack includes: Father Bruce Mother Sheila Sister Joanne & Baby Joey.

    FATHER Bruce Springer runs the Sylvanian Cricket Club and is... Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 46 total

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