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Challenge and excite your pre-teen with cool puzzles from their favorite films and explore their talents with art and science projects! Lego lovers can build scenes from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Lone Ranger, or tons of superhero movies, or create their own fun scenes.

Crafters can build jewelry and accessories with pretty beads, thread and paper. Older kids can explore and learn about the natural environment with the help of Discovery Kids’ science equipment. Doodlers can learn to draw superheroes and Star Wars characters. There is something that every unique tween will enjoy at Yogee Toys!

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  1. CHE02613 image # 1

    Cheatwell Games IQ Busters Metal Puzzle Challenge Set of 6


    The Heavy-duty 6-pack gift set! Chunky chrome steel and a graded-difficulty set of six great puzzles are the hallmark of this combination set. An excellent... Learn More
  2. CHE02774 image # 1

    Cheatwell Games IQ Buster Set Classic Metal Puzzles Set of 12


    Metal IQ Busters are a popular puzzle activity for those looking to challenge their brain. In this set of 12 brain busting metal puzzles theres... Learn More
  3. LAM062758 image # 1

    Paul Lamond Games Size Matters Card Game


    Size Matters! How great are your Guestimates? This tin of delights makes fantastic after dinner game, travel game or just simply as a great trivia... Learn More
  4. PRO538729 image

    Professor Puzzle Metal Puzzles Set of 6


    Products form this range are well known family favourites and our top-selling titles. Composed of genres which we have specialised in over recent years, the... Learn More
  5. VCU000159 image # 1

    V-Cube 3x3 Flat Rotational Puzzle Cube Game


    The speedcubers cube, known for its fast and incredibly smooth rotation, is great for competing and display. V-CUBE3 is the 3x3x3 member of the V-CUBE... Learn More
  6. CAA02003 image

    Shuffle Monopoly Deal Card Game


    Enjoy the rollercoaster experience of Monopoly in just 20 minutes. Collect three property sets to win. Get the free Shuffle app to double the fun.... Learn More
  7. SET04001 image

    SET Enterprises Five Crowns Card Game


    Five Crowns is a card game for the whole family. It has original game play, but uses skills that you have obtained from playing your... Learn More
  8. OUT11106 image

    Outset Media Pick Two Crossword Game


    The always changing, ever rearranging crossword game! Players draw letter tiles and build their own personal crosswords as fast as they can. Whenever players use... Learn More

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