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Help your child transition to toddler and beyond with Yogee Toys! Your toddler can get on the move with trikes, wagons, and push carriages. Expand your kid’s imagination with jungle, automobile, and pirate play sets and dress-up costumes. Tap into your toddler’s creativity with Play-Doh, Lego Duplos, Mr. Potato Head and enough musical instruments to form an orchestra!

Help your child learn while playing with books from Usborne and toys from VTech and Melissa & Doug. Comfort your child with their favorite characters from Thomas & Friends, Winnie the Pooh, Bananas in Pyjamas, and Disney—all from Yogee Toys!

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  1. BMS9780755490059-90073-BD image # 1

    Floatee Bath Book Value Pack: Frog + Teddy


    This value pack includes: "Floatee Bath Book - Frog" & "Floatee Bath Book - Teddy".

    The baby's first word bath books with bright and boldly... Learn More
  2. BMS9780755400478-90066-BD image # 1

    Floatee Bath Book Value Pack: Vehicles + Little Boat


    This value pack includes: "Floatee Bath Book - Vehicles" & "Floatee Bath Book - Little Boat".

    The baby's first word bath books with bright and... Learn More
  3. E72728 image # 1

    Tomy Toomies Turtle Bath Salon


    Take the cup from my left flipper and fill it with baby bubble bath and water. Tip my head back and pour in the magical... Learn More
  4. ED493870 image # 1

    Hape Rainy Day Catching Bath Set


    An entertaining and delightfully colourful bath set. Featuring a fun umbrella theme, drain water through the holes, catch the balls, and store when done! Try... Learn More
  5. WOW10690 image # 1

    WOW Toys Susie Speedboat Bath Toy


    Get ready to take an exciting ride through the waves with me, Susie Speedboat! Open up the deck of my boat to use as a... Learn More
  6. GY052 image # 1

    Green Toys Rescue Boat And Helicopter


    No water rescue is out of reach when the Green Toys™ Rescue Boat & Helicopter gets the call! This two-in-one toy is just as fun... Learn More
  7. Ballerina Betsy Bathtime Book

    Ballerina Betsy Bathtime Book


    Waterproof book that helpd make bathtime fun for young children with illustrations that change colour in water. Soft product with four double page illustrated spreads... Learn More
  8. PK10366 image 6

    K's Kids Colourful Bowling Friends


    The bowling set made of soft plastic includes one ball and 6 cute animal pins. Babies can play with them as healthy game to exercise... Learn More
  9. T71602 image 8

    TOMY Aqua Fun Pirate Bath Ship


    Ahoy there ship mates! Sail the high seas and have lots of bath time fun with Pirate Jake aboard the Pirate Ship.

    Pirate Jake can... Learn More
  10. FA2756 image 6

    Tomy Aqua Fun Bath Octopals


    Wonderful colourful floating bath island toy featuring mummy octopus that acts as a pouring cup and her 8 little babies that can stick to the... Learn More

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