Toys For Toddlers, Educational Toys For Toddlers

Help your child transition to toddler and beyond with Yogee Toys! Your toddler can get on the move with trikes, wagons, and push carriages. Expand your kid’s imagination with jungle, automobile, and pirate play sets and dress-up costumes. Tap into your toddler’s creativity with Play-Doh, Lego Duplos, Mr. Potato Head and enough musical instruments to form an orchestra!

Help your child learn while playing with books from Usborne and toys from VTech and Melissa & Doug. Comfort your child with their favorite characters from Thomas & Friends, Winnie the Pooh, Bananas in Pyjamas, and Disney—all from Yogee Toys!

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    Learning Resources Fine Motor Twisty Droppers Set of 4


    These fun and colourful droppers take a twisty turn for the better. Versatile, they can be used for Science Experiments, Art and Craft, Water Play... Learn More
  2. ED394791 image

    Learning Resources Look at Me Mirrors Set of 6


    Use in every classroom, Look at Me Mirrors are designed to last. Handy, unbreakable mirrors. One side is a regular mirror and other side is... Learn More
  3. ED395434 image

    Learning Resources Handy Scoopers Set of 4


    These Handy Scoopers are fantastic for encouraging children's Fine Motor Development, these fun tools contain a translucent outer circular casing and can be used in... Learn More
  4. ED395657 image

    Learning Resources New Sprouts Shopping Baskets Set of 4


    Encouraging hours of fun and imaginative play. Vibrantly coloured, these engaging set of 4 Shopping baskets will extend play opportunities. Durable and able to withstand... Learn More
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    Learning Resources New Sprouts Lunch Basket


    Pack a picnic with this fantastic realistic Lunch Basket play set. Supporting healthy eating concepts and ideal for a dramatic play corner at home or... Learn More

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