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Shopping for a little girl? Choose from our huge range of dolls, dollhouses & accessories online at Yogee Toys. A wide range of dolls and dollhouses will inspire your child’s pretend playtime! Firehouses, restaurants, cottages, farms and more will set the scenes for the endless scenarios kids can imagine! Furnish your children’s dollhouses with bedrooms, kitchens, nurseries and mini playrooms for fun props kids can use to play pretend. Families and figures from Pintoy and Sylvania are the stars of the show—kids will use these characters to create fantastic scenarios! Your child will love playing house with perfectly sized miniatures from Yogee Toys!

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  1. SF5040 image 6

    Sylvanian Families Babies Ride and Play


    Mother rabbit takes babies to ride around a park in their new push car and tricycle! Includes mother rabbit baby rabbit and squirrel tricycle with... Learn More
  2. WT29926 image # 1

    Baby Doll Wardrobe Play Set



    Special: $35.91
    Save: $3.99 (10%)

    This fantastic Baby Doll Wardrobe is perfect for keeping dolls clothes tidy.

    * With open doors & drawer.
    * Includes 4 Hangers & 2 Dresses.... Learn More
  3. SF5013 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Father Set


    Frasier Chocolate Rabbit enjoys sitting on his favourite couch after a hard day of work and relaxes by reading a newspaper.

    * Chocolate Rabbit Mother... Learn More
  4. SF5015 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Brother Set


    Coco Chocolate Rabbit often helps his mother to clean the bathrooom. Sometimes he uses too much detergent but he does his best to make the... Learn More
  5. Sylvanian Families Sweets Store

    Sylvanian Families Sweets Store


    The Sweets Store always has lots of lovely treats. Who can resist their fairy cakes lovely for a special treat or perhaps a biscuit for... Learn More
  6. Sylvanian Families Country Nurse Set

    Sylvanian Families Country Nurse Set


    Kate Periwinkle is a nurse and helps her husband at the Country Clinic.

    * Set includes the Milk Rabbit Mother with a nurse uniform wheelchair... Learn More
  7. Sylvanian Families Seaside Camping Set

    Sylvanian Families Seaside Camping Set



    Special: $34.11
    Save: $3.79 (10%)

    What could be better than camping on the sand dunes with the sound of the ocean to lull you to sleep? This set contains Tiffany... Learn More
  8. Sylvanian Families School Music Set

    Sylvanian Families School Music Set


    The school music class at Country Tree School is so much fun! There is a piano xylophone drum violin flute & trumpet. Enough for a... Learn More
  9. Sylvanian Families School Friends

    Sylvanian Families School Friends


    School Friends Rebecca Periwinkle & Ralph Walnut come all dressed up for their first day at Country Tree School! They each have a school uniform... Learn More
  10. SF5239 image

    Sylvanian Families Doughnut Store


    Margaret Petite welcomes you to her doughnut store. She bakes so many kinds of delicious doughnuts and muffins.

    * Set includes over 30 pieces including... Learn More
  11. SF5236 image

    Sylvanian Families Dressing Area Set


    Enjoy dressing up with Freya who loves to dress up in front of the mirror! Play with this set with the Boutique for even more... Learn More
  12. ME57010 image # 2

    Moose Twozies Two-Playful Cafe Playset



    Special: $35.91
    Save: $3.99 (10%)

    The Two-Playful Café is where all the Twozies love to share! There's so much fun for everyone! Baby and Pet chairs to share. Take a... Learn More
  13. SF5235 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Cosmetic Counter


    Using the gorgeous dresser and lots of makeup tools, upgrade your shopping at the Boutique and get dressed up! Set includes over 30 pieces including... Learn More
  14. SF6011 image # 1

    Sylvanian Families Grand Piano Concert Set


    The Grand Piano Concert Set is a figure and accessory set containing Lionel the Lion pianist and a grand piano. The Lion pianist has special... Learn More
  15. SF5362 image # 2

    Sylvanian Families Cute Couple Set


    The Cute Couple Set's includes Stella Chocolate and William Cinnamon. Both figures can hold flower bouquets, allowing for various date scenes.

  16. ME50006 image # 1

    Moose Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Toddler Doll: Donatina



    Special: $39.92
    Save: $9.98 (20%)

    Hi! I'm Donatina, pretty in pink and extra sweet, I love making new friends, in-fact I'm as sweet as I look! Pick me up and... Learn More
  17. ME50007 image # 1

    Moose Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Toddler Doll: Peppa-Mint



    Special: $39.92
    Save: $9.98 (20%)

    Hi! I'm Peppa-Mint, a real sweetie who's got the coolest cute look! With big glittery eyes, my head bobbles with every movement! I just love... Learn More
  18. ME50008 image # 1

    Moose Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Toddler Doll: Jessicake



    Special: $39.92
    Save: $9.98 (20%)

    Hi! I'm Jessicake, as sweet as a frosted cupcake from head to toe! I come to life as soon as you pick me up, with... Learn More

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