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Shopping for a little girl? Choose from our huge range of dolls, dollhouses & accessories online at Yogee Toys. A wide range of dolls and dollhouses will inspire your child’s pretend playtime! Firehouses, restaurants, cottages, farms and more will set the scenes for the endless scenarios kids can imagine! Furnish your children’s dollhouses with bedrooms, kitchens, nurseries and mini playrooms for fun props kids can use to play pretend. Families and figures from Pintoy and Sylvania are the stars of the show—kids will use these characters to create fantastic scenarios! Your child will love playing house with perfectly sized miniatures from Yogee Toys!

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  1. MATGHN04 image # 1

    Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll


    Create your own happily ever after with this fantasy set that includes Barbie doll with two character t-shirts & accessories - a mermaid and unicorn!... Learn More
  2. ME50008 image # 1

    Moose Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Toddler Doll: Jessicake



    Special: $42.42
    Save: $7.48 (15%)

    Hi! I'm Jessicake, as sweet as a frosted cupcake from head to toe! I come to life as soon as you pick me up, with... Learn More
  3. HS203614 image # 1

    Disney Princess Frozen 2 Young Anna Doll



    Special: $40.72
    Save: $7.18 (15%)

    Create your own epic adventures and share in the strength of sisterhood with Young Anna.

    Age: 2 years & up Learn More
  4. HS78586 image # 1

    The Wiggles Emma Fairy Doll



    Special: $42.42
    Save: $7.48 (15%)

    Emma as beautiful hair styled in pigtails and wears her Wiggly Fairy outfit! Emma also come with magical wand for YOU!

    * Includes Emma Fairy... Learn More
  5. HS78498 image # 1

    Sesame Street Plush Bedtime Abby Doll



    Special: $32.31
    Save: $3.59 (10%)

    Squeeze or press Abby's tummy to hear her speak! Abby says phrases such as: "Dream of magical thoughts!", "Alright, bunny feet hop to bed!" and... Learn More
  6. Sylvanian Families Seaside Camping Set

    Sylvanian Families Seaside Camping Set



    Special: $32.22
    Save: $5.68 (15%)

    What could be better than camping on the sand dunes with the sound of the ocean to lull you to sleep? This set contains Tiffany... Learn More
  7. MND4940 image 4

    MELISSA & DOUG Abby & Emma Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Dolls



    Special: $45.82
    Save: $8.08 (15%)

    Abby and Emma love to play dress-up and exchange mix and match outfits. These two wooden magnetic friends come with stands and hundreds of dress-up... Learn More

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