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Shopping for a little girl? Choose from our huge range of dolls, dollhouses & accessories online at Yogee Toys. A wide range of dolls and dollhouses will inspire your child’s pretend playtime! Firehouses, restaurants, cottages, farms and more will set the scenes for the endless scenarios kids can imagine! Furnish your children’s dollhouses with bedrooms, kitchens, nurseries and mini playrooms for fun props kids can use to play pretend. Families and figures from Pintoy and Sylvania are the stars of the show—kids will use these characters to create fantastic scenarios! Your child will love playing house with perfectly sized miniatures from Yogee Toys!

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  1. ME56298-56528-BD image # 1

    Moose Shopkins Value Pack: Wardrobe + Hotdog Stand



    Special: $31.92
    Save: $7.98 (20%)

    This value pack includes: "Moose Shopkins Fashion Spree Style Me Wardrobe Playset" & "Moose Shopkins Season 8 World Vacation USA SPK Hotdog Stand".

    Moose Shopkins... Learn More
  2. HC1748 image # 1

    Hasbro Disney Princess Tangled Spin N Style Rapunzel Doll



    Special: $25.42
    Save: $4.48 (15%)

    Rapunzel's magical golden hair take on a life of their own in Disney's Tangled the Series! Inspired by the action-packed animated series, this doll brings... Learn More
  3. HC1753 image # 1

    Hasbro Disney Princess Tangled Swinging Locks Playset with Rapunzel Doll



    Special: $41.94
    Save: $27.96 (40%)

    Disney's Rapunzel is eager to seek adventure and discover her destiny both inside and outside the castle walls! The Swinging Locks Castle offers 2 sides... Learn More
  4. HB7370 image # 1

    Hasbro Disney Princess Elena of Avalor Royal Gown Doll



    Special: $26.18
    Save: $8.72 (25%)

    Meet Elena of Avalor, the adventurous Crown Princess who wields her scepter with bravery and compassion. The royal ball has arrived, and Elena of Avalor... Learn More
  5. ZRB50034 image # 1

    Rubens Barn 40cm Little Rubens Doll - Little Meiya



    Special: $85.41
    Save: $9.49 (10%)

    As younger siblings of the classic Rubens Barn Originals, Little Rubens happily follow along with you to any occasion. A soft handmade sitting doll.

    I'm... Learn More
  6. ME56528 image # 1

    Moose Shopkins Season 8 World Vacation USA SPK Hotdog Stand



    Special: $17.00
    Save: $7.90 (31.7%)

    Welcome to pretty New York City! The SPK Hotdog Stand is the place to meet some true American treats! Cook up some funny franks on... Learn More
  7. ME93501 image # 1

    My Fairy Garden Enchanted Woodland Fairy Door



    Special: $16.92
    Save: $2.98 (15%)

    Get close to nature with the new ‘Woodland Fairy Door’ as you explore for the perfect spot to place the magical door for your fairy.... Learn More
  8. My Fairy Garden Grow & Play Enchanted Magical Indoor Fairy Garden

    My Fairy Garden Grow & Play Enchanted Magical Indoor Fairy Garden


    Create a magical fairy oasis with the Fairy Garden. Follow the activity guide to learn how to construct your enchanted miniature cottage and beautiful living... Learn More
  9. ME93504 image # 1

    My Fairy Garden Grow & Play Lilypad Magical Enchanted Flowerpot House



    Special: $36.47
    Save: $6.43 (15%)

    Lily is the Summer Fairy. She loves flowers and nature and greeting the sun on a bright summer’s morning. ‘Lilypad Gardens’ is the perfect address... Learn More
  10. ME56152 image # 2

    Moose Shopkins Chef Club Hot Spot Kitchen Playset



    Special: $29.00
    Save: $12.90 (30.8%)

    Get cooking in the Chef Club Kitchen! The Shopkins are ready to make and bake. Take the Shopkins for a spin in the microwave. Cook... Learn More
  11. ME57004_57016 image # 1

    Moose Twozies Two-Sweet Row Boat



    Special: $20.23
    Save: $8.67 (30%)

    Share some cakes on the lake with the Twozies as they have a surprise picnic on the water! These two very cute Swan Babies and... Learn More
  12. ME57010 image # 2

    Moose Twozies Two-Playful Cafe Playset



    Special: $27.93
    Save: $11.97 (30%)

    The Two-Playful Café is where all the Twozies love to share! There's so much fun for everyone! Baby and Pet chairs to share. Take a... Learn More
  13. ME56298 image

    Moose Shopkins Fashion Spree Style Me Wardrobe Playset



    Special: $15.00
    Save: $6.90 (31.5%)

    Style Me Wardrobe - Open up your wardrobe and let the fashion show begin! It's where all the stylish Shopkins hang out! Watch your favorite... Learn More

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