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Educational Toys and Games at Yogee Toys shop online. Find the best deal on educational toys for kids and childrens. Including Vtech and Melissa and Doug Toys.

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  1. DA08 image # 2

    Discovery Adventures 50mm Astronomical Telescope



    Special: $80.67
    Save: $14.23 (15%)

    For star tracking order viewing wildlife, cityscapes, sporting events and more. Includes 18 X and 90 X magnification eyepieces. Aluminium table-top tripod. Metal (aluminium) tube,... Learn More
  2. DA01 image # 1

    Discovery Adventures Night Mission Goggles



    Special: $45.82
    Save: $8.08 (15%)

    These hands free goggles allow you to see in the dark ! Use them inside and out on your secret spy missions. You can use... Learn More
  3. DA07 image # 1

    Discovery Adventures 100X Microscope 36 Piece Set



    Special: $53.47
    Save: $9.43 (15%)

    36 piece set featuring a three magnification microscope; 25X, 50X & 100X, electric illuminator, three prepared & eight blank slides and other tools for creating... Learn More
  4. DA05 image # 1

    Discovery Adventures Digital Metal Detector



    Special: $61.97
    Save: $10.93 (15%)

    This lightweight metal detector is a great way for young explorers to discover common metal objects. Featuring a sensitivity and volume control, the detector emits... Learn More
  5. DA04 image # 1

    Discovery Adventures 40mm Astronomical Telescope



    Special: $52.62
    Save: $9.28 (15%)

    View the night sky or animals and scenery with this dual eyepiece. Supplied with 10 and 20mm eyepieces, a diagonal mirror and aluminium tripod. Features... Learn More
  6. DA03 image # 1

    Discovery Adventures 30mm Explorer Telescope



    Special: $35.62
    Save: $6.28 (15%)

    Fun hand-held 30mm telescope with 15X magnification. Lightweight and easy to focus.

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

    Age:... Learn More
  7. VT520203 image # 1

    VTech Kidizoom Action Cam HD


    Capture adventures anytime, anywhere!

    * High definition action camera with accessories.
    * Take photos, record videos, apply visual effects and play games.
    * Use the... Learn More
  8. VT193820 image # 1

    VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 Red with Unicorn Pattern


    The perfect tech for kids, Kidizoom® Smartwatch DX2 by VTech® lets them take pictures, videos, play games, tell time and more! Featuring a new sleek... Learn More
  9. BMS9781787007291 image # 1

    Top That World’s Best Ever Pranks Activity Station Book + Kit


    Learn how to become an all-star prankster! It’s laugh-a-minute fun!


    * Prankster fun activity book
    * Whoopee cushion
    * Joke spider
    * Joke fly... Learn More
  10. BMS9781787002920 image # 1

    Top That Explosive Volcano Experiments Activity Station


    Make your own erupting volcano with this science book and kit! Learn about the destructive power of volcanoes as you go.

    * Contents include: Instruction... Learn More
  11. HJ-4211 image # 1

    Heebie Jeebies Space Bath Bombs DIY Kit


    Make bath time an out of this world experience with this DIY kit. Comes with everything you need to make your own bath bombs.

    *... Learn More
  12. HJ-4205 image # 1

    Heebie Jeebies Bacteria Farm My First Biology Kit


    The Bacteria Farm is a great first biology kit for any budding scientist. Cultivate & observe bacteria from different samples with a variety of experiments.... Learn More
  13. HJ-2140 image # 1

    Heebie Jeebies Construct-A-Clock


    This easy-to-build clock whips up in a jiffy, and will fascinate young minds with its turning cogs and swinging pendulum. The clock is spring-driven, so... Learn More
  14. HJ-4203 image # 1

    Heebie Jeebies Chromatography & Solubility Experiment Kit


    The Chromatography experiment kit comes with everything needed to perform six exciting experiments which teach kids about soluble and insoluble solutions and how colours are... Learn More
  15. BMS834509001400 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys Glow-In-The-Dark Lab


    With this best-selling and award-winning chemistry lab, kids build their lab skills as they concoct 20 experiments that glow, ooze, and bounce using glow-in-the-dark powder,... Learn More
  16. BMS834509001028 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys The Amazing Squishy Brain


    Keep an open mind with this astonishing tour of the the brain! The Amazing Squishy Brain model includes a transparent skull with moving mandible (jawbone)... Learn More
  17. BMS834509004937 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys MotorBlox Robot Lab Building Set


    Give Your Bricks Some Go!

    Build and test three different walking robots—a Biped Bot, a QuadraBot, and a HexaBot— using the accessories in the kit,... Learn More
  18. BMS834509001172 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys All Natural Spa Day


    Explore the science of beauty, naturally! All-Natural Spa Lab. It all starts with invitations and a party-planning guide and wraps up with spa-themed activities and... Learn More
  19. BMS834509000700 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys All Natural Spa Lab


    Pamper yourself as you absorb the beautiful science behind a dozen spa products! You’ll turn your bathroom into a scrumptious spa as you stir it... Learn More
  20. BMS834509004418 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys All Natural Spa Soaps


    Everyone loves to relax with sudsy, spa-quality soaps. Now kids have the chance to make tons of their very own customized, spa-inspired soaps The All-Natural... Learn More
  21. BMS834509001035 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover Robot


    The Programmable Rover is a toy, a robot, and most importantly, a tool for learning! Kids can program this Rover to navigate specified courses to... Learn More
  22. BMS834509001394 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab


    Build wacky contraptions to launch Stanley the Stunt Pig! Standing over two feet tall, the Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab has 60 mix-and-match pieces to... Learn More
  23. BMS834509001943 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys The Amazing Squishy T-Rex Dinosaur


    The Amazing Squishy T. Rex is an anatomically correct model featuring 5 squishy parts: tongue, two connected stomachs, intestines, lungs, and heart.

    This toy will... Learn More
  24. UG30XL image # 1

    Wild Science Sleepover Party Kit


    The Wild Science Sleepover Party kit brings an element of science to sleepovers and is perfect for budding scientists to enjoy at their next sleepover... Learn More
  25. BMS834509005743 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys Shimmering Lip Balms


    Blend All-Natural Recipes Using Beeswax & More!

    Add some sparkle to your smile! This kit features natural beeswax, shimmer powder, and glittery lip balm pods.... Learn More
  26. BMS834509005750 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys Spa Soaps Forest Friends


    Make Bubbly Bunnies, Sudsy Squirrels & Colourful Critters!

    This kit contains the ingredients and moulds you need to make adorable forest-themed glycerin soaps. You'll also... Learn More
  27. BMS834509000656 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys Remote Control Rocket Launcher Kit


    Young space enthusiasts will love this rocket launcher kit that includes a two-piece rocket, launch pad, and remote control launcher. The rocket is fueled by... Learn More
  28. BMS834509000861 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys You-Build-It Robo Bug Robotics Kit


    This robotics kit includes everything needed to build a robotic bug. Robo-Bug can maneuver indoor and outdoor terrain, including crawling over sand and rocks, pull... Learn More
  29. UGNG024153 image # 1

    National Geographic Science Magic: Hydrophobic Substances


    FASCINATING WATER-REPELLENT SAND & GEL defy the laws of nature and dont get wet when exposed to water! ENDLESS CHEMISTRY FUN that will mystify kids... Learn More
  30. UGNG024092 image # 1

    National Geographic Science Magic: Vanishing Test Tube


    MAKE GLASS DISAPPEAR BEFORE YOUR EYES and learn about refraction and the science of light! ENDLESS CHEMISTRY FUN that will mystify kids over and over... Learn More
  31. BMS834509000625 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys Extreme Secret Formula Lab


    Put on the mad scientist lab coat, because it's time for kids to try their hand at crazy, wild, mad science! This hotly anticipated update... Learn More
  32. BMS834509006030 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys Ultimate Vortex Generator


    The Smart Lab Ultimate Vortex Generator is designed to inspire potential scientists with fun experiments. Your child will learn how to create a tornado inside... Learn More
  33. SmartLab Toys Ultimate Secret Formula Lab

    SmartLab Toys Ultimate Secret Formula Lab


    Explore the secrets of science with 40 epic experiments! Ultimate Secret Formula Lab turns your kitchen into a fully stocked chemistry lab. These experiments use... Learn More
  34. BMS834509003503 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys It's Alive! Slime Lab


    Measure, mix, and concoct icky-sticky goo like a real mad scientist with this one-of-a-kind laboratory kit. The motorized Slime-O-Nator makes your slimy concoctions appear to... Learn More
  35. BMS834509000540 image # 1

    SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body


    With this hands-on kit and tour guide, kids enter the twisted world of the human body! Complete with squishy, removable, vital organs as well as... Learn More
  36. SMA50000 image # 1

    Smartivity Pump It Move It Hydraulic Crane DIY Kit


    This kit contains all the elements required to build a fully functional hydraulic crane and a mock load that children can lift and move around... Learn More
  37. SMA51200 image # 1

    Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide DIY Kit


    This kit contains all the elements required to build a Marble Run machine with a marble-pool game area. A mix of slider game and pool... Learn More
  38. ZLGE50147-50161-BD image # 1

    Lisciani Science Piccolo Genio Value Pack: Discover the Human Body + 25 Optical Experiments


    This value pack includes: "Lisciani Science Piccolo Genio Discover the Human Body" & "Lisciani Science Piccolo Genio 25 Optical Experiments".

    Lisciani Science Piccolo Genio Discover... Learn More
  39. ZLGE50154-53230-BD image # 1

    Lisciani Science Piccolo Genio Value Pack: Super Easy Chemistry + Discover A Volcano


    This value pack includes: "Lisciani Science Piccolo Genio Super Easy Chemistry" & "Lisciani Science Piccolo Genio Discover A Volcano".

    Lisciani Science Piccolo Genio Super Easy... Learn More
  40. LL5260-5272-BD image # 1

    Galt Horrible Science Value Pack: Creepy Crystals + Bouncy Eyeballs


    This value pack includes: "Galt Horrible Science Creepy Crystals" & "Galt Horrible Science Bouncy Eyeballs".

    Galt Horrible Science Creepy Crystals

    Grow a creepy crystal tree,... Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 86 total

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