Wooden Toys

Remember the great wooden toys you had when you were a kid? Indulge nostalgia with great wooden cars, pull-along toys, and pretend food sets at Yogee Toys! Get all the classics for your little one like the Happy Stacker, Sorting Basket, and Activity Train from Pintoys. Your child can learn with durable letters, numbers, cash registers, calendars and more! Kids can create keepsakes with craft projects and art sets by Melissa & Doug. Kids can start a band or learn about nutrition with toys from Plan Toys and Sevi. Get ready for some old-fashioned fun at Yogee Toys!

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  1. PIN028326 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Doll's High Chair


    A realistic doll's high chair, great for children to enjoy the fun of role playing. Assembly required. You can rest assured that all Pintoy toys... Learn More
  2. PIN028319 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Doll's Rocking Cradle


    An essential addition to your child's play corner, it features gentle rounded corners and comes complete with pretty pastel pink pillow, mattress and blanket. You... Learn More
  3. PIN028333 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Tool Box


    A little wooden toy tool box for little engineers. Includes wooden nuts and bolts, hammer screwdriver and spanner. You can rest assured that all Pintoy... Learn More
  4. PIN028272 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Construction Front End Loader


    A fantastic yellow front end loader. The front end loader features a fully operational arm and scoop. You can rest assured that all Pintoy toys... Learn More
  5. PIN028265 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Construction Digger


    This digger is part of the Pintoy Construction series. Made from rubberwood with a moving scoop and rubber treads. You can rest assured that all... Learn More
  6. PIN028289 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Construction Mobile Crane


    A flat bed truck with a crane that rotates 360º. Has an extendable hook & winch. The crane can be raised lowered and locked. You... Learn More
  7. PIN028258 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Construction Crane


    A fantastic yellow wooden crane. The crane features a fully operational rotating boom and hook which moves up and down. You can rest assured that... Learn More
  8. PIN028135 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Fire Engine


    A beautiful red fire engine for ages 3+. Includes an extendable ladder, a windable fire hose with a nozzle. You can rest assured that all... Learn More
  9. PIN028104 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Pick-Up Trike Ride-On


    A sturdy ride-on wooden trike with a wooden carry basket in the back in which to put things the toddler picks up. You can rest... Learn More
  10. PIN028098 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Shetland Rocking Horse


    A Shetland Rocking Horse. Features solid wood construction, foot rests, stoppers on the rocking legs to help prevent over rocking and a removable seat guard.... Learn More
  11. ED518073 image # 1

    Hape Sunny Valley Adventure Dome with Magnetic Maze



    Special: $46.67
    Save: $8.23 (15%)

    Lily the bird's job is to wake up Sunny Valley! Use the magnet in her beak to drop beads into the slides and other features... Learn More
  12. ED518722 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Railway Emergency Services HQ 36 Pieces



    Special: $93.68
    Save: $31.22 (25%)

    Keep the roads and railways safe with this emergency services set. Features police and fire brigade headquarters and vehicles.

    * Made of wood, metal and... Learn More
  13. ED518471 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Junior Inventor Deluxe Scientific Workbench Experiements



    Special: $112.43
    Save: $37.47 (25%)

    Learn more about science with this cool junior inventor workbench! It contains everything children as young as four need to conduct over 15 experiments and... Learn More
  14. ED518820 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Quadrilla Super Spiral Marble Run Set 129 Pieces



    Special: $138.68
    Save: $46.22 (25%)

    Get more spinning and more surprises with this deluxe Quadrilla set. Includes a xylophone rail that plays a tune as marbles run over it, two... Learn More
  15. ED518686 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Railway Race Track Station 31 Pieces



    Special: $63.12
    Save: $15.78 (20%)

    Add a new dimension of fun to your rail play with this racecar track and station. Transport your cars to the track – and get... Learn More
  16. ED518617 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Fast Food Set



    Special: $29.61
    Save: $3.29 (10%)

    Get ready for a treat. Tonight, we’re eating in a fast food restaurant! This American-style dinner kit includes a menu plus a realistic burger, hotdog,... Learn More
  17. ED518854 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Mighty Hammer Domino 51 Pieces



    Special: $35.91
    Save: $3.99 (10%)

    There’s movement and surprises at every stage of this fun, robot-themed domino set. Set the dominoes in motion and watch as they release a ball... Learn More
  18. ED518865 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Robot Factory Domino 122 Pieces



    Special: $59.42
    Save: $10.48 (15%)

    Use stored potential energy to catapult a wooden ball into the air with this exciting robot-themed domino set! A tipper car, crazy ball track, tipper... Learn More
  19. QT980 image # 1

    Q Toys Wooden Natural Planks Building Set 200 Pieces


    This set of simple wooden planks provides endless creative opportunities for children! They can build houses, bridges, chairs, tables, cars and anything else they can... Learn More
  20. ELE-NG22549 image # 1

    Kaper Kidz Wooden Pull Along Xylophone


    This bright xylophone with metal key is individually packed in a coloured box. The metal keys makes a pleasant sound when played. It can also... Learn More
  21. ELE-MI115D image # 1

    Kaper Kidz Unicorn 3-Piece Wooden Musical Set - Maraca, Bell Stick & Tambourine


    A great selection of musical instruments. Each box consists of a maraca, a bell stick and a tambourine. An attractive and colourful set, making music... Learn More
  22. ED505597 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Railway Busy City Rail Set 51 Pieces



    Special: $82.53
    Save: $35.37 (30%)

    Train tracks aren’t just for passenger trains. There’s freight to deliver, too! This complete city-themed rail set features a passenger and a freight train, a... Learn More
  23. CW3642 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden 100 Building Blocks

    0 10 0

    Building with blocks will assist your child to develop motor skills and enhance problem solving, imagination and creativity. Building with others will also teach cooperation... Learn More
  24. ED505741 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Railway Play Table



    Special: $132.93
    Save: $56.97 (30%)

    This sturdy little table is the perfect surface for railway play. Set up your track around the jungle scenery and animals. When you’re done, pack... Learn More
  25. ED505739 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Sensory Railway 14 Pieces


    Stimulate your child’s sense of sight, touch and hearing with this engaging rail set. Includes a musical xylophone track, a rattle, rainbow track, a colourful... Learn More
  26. ELE-MI079B image # 1

    Kaper Kidz Wooden Star Musical Set 7 Pieces


    A great selection of musical instruments. Each box consists of 2 maracas, 1 bell stick, 2 castanets, 1 tambourine and 1 xylophone. An attractive and... Learn More
  27. Kaper Kidz Wooden Farm Music Box

    Kaper Kidz Wooden Farm Music Box


    A gorgeous farm wooden music box. The farm animals are magnetic and spin round and round when the music are playing. Each box is made... Learn More
  28. CW4121 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Multi-activity Rocket


    This multi-interactive rocket is a fabulous educational learning station! Includes: bead coaster, gear game, clocks, beads and a little mirror. Children will be inspired to... Learn More
  29. CW4124 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Modern Doll House


    This doll house includes a swimming pool, a car park and a greenhouse. Styled with modern elements, the perfect size for a small family. Encourages... Learn More
  30. CW3306 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Baby Walker With Blocks


    Inspire movement during play, with this fabulous "Build and Play" push walker with learning block activity set. Introduce numbers, letters, logical & critical thinking, along... Learn More
  31. CW2812 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Baby Walker Doll Stroller


    Your little girl will enjoy pretend play and use her imagination, as she pushes her favorite baby doll in our beautiful pink stroller.

    WARNING: CHOKING... Learn More
  32. CW2888 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Fishing Game


    This Sea Fishing game helps improve observation and hand-eye coordination. Use the magnatic hook to see how many fish you can catch!

  33. CW4156 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Princess Dream House with Carry Handle


    This adorable doll house is just perfect for your little princess and her royal family. Includes a doll and furnishings. Portable for travel and storage.... Learn More
  34. CW2808 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Doll Cradle


    Children can pretend play with this precious rocking cradle. Just add their favourite doll and let their imagination go!

    * Doll not included.

    WARNING: CHOKING... Learn More
  35. CW3657 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden My First Calendar Clock


    My first Calendar Clock is an exceptional learning tool. Record the weather, seasons, months and days of the week, as your child learns hours and... Learn More
  36. CW3556 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Multi-Activity Building Blocks


    Adorable zoo themed stacking blocks provide your child hours of creative educational fun! Building blocks with letters, numbers and pictures will inspire your toddler to... Learn More
  37. CW3591 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Vehicle Car Transporter


    This double-decker car carrier has a moveable ramp and helps promote & develop fine motor skills. Enhance manual dexterity and creative play!

    Age: 2 years... Learn More
  38. CW4155 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Vehicle Animal Sorting Truck


    Playing with our adorable Animal Sorting Truck is a fun way for your child to learn roll play, sorting and shape association, while identifying animals.... Learn More
  39. CW4119 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Pink Kitchen


    Your child will enjoy pretend play with this stylish, simple, modern kitchenette. Children will have fun as they prepare delicious food for their family. Open... Learn More
  40. CW4160 image # 1

    Classic World Wooden Animal Sorting Noah's Ark


    Children can recreate the famous bible story of Noah and the Ark as they help Noah herd the animals through the different shapes into the... Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 155 total

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