Wooden Toys

Remember the great wooden toys you had when you were a kid? Indulge nostalgia with great wooden cars, pull-along toys, and pretend food sets at Yogee Toys! Get all the classics for your little one like the Happy Stacker, Sorting Basket, and Activity Train from Pintoys. Your child can learn with durable letters, numbers, cash registers, calendars and more! Kids can create keepsakes with craft projects and art sets by Melissa & Doug. Kids can start a band or learn about nutrition with toys from Plan Toys and Sevi. Get ready for some old-fashioned fun at Yogee Toys!

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  1. PT5123 image # 1

    Plan Toys Wooden Baby Walker with Blocks


    The specially designed handle can be adjusted to different heights and stiffness for stability and child safety. This set comes with coloured and natural blocks.... Learn More
  2. MND2940 image 3

    MELISSA & DOUG Classic See & Spell Wooden Boards


    Complete a puzzle to spell a word while developing a sight-reading vocabulary or use the letters for stencilling. Over 50 colourful wooden letters fit into... Learn More
  3. MND4940 image 4

    MELISSA & DOUG Abby & Emma Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Dolls



    Special: $45.82
    Save: $8.08 (15%)

    Abby and Emma love to play dress-up and exchange mix and match outfits. These two wooden magnetic friends come with stands and hundreds of dress-up... Learn More
  4. MND3774 image 2

    MELISSA & DOUG Stringing Beads Wooden Bead Set



    Special: $35.62
    Save: $6.28 (15%)

    This bead set contains over 200 beads & 8 laces to create necklaces and bracelets that are sure to please everyone! Handy wooden storage tray... Learn More
  5. MND3553 image 4

    MELISSA & DOUG Princess Elise Wooden Magnetic Dress-Up Set


    Her Highness Princess Elise is a delightful magnetic wooden dress-up doll with a treasure trove of outfits. This set includes a magnetic wooden doll with... Learn More
  6. MND3785 image 3

    MELISSA & DOUG Wooden Latches Board


    Undo a latch swing open the numbered door and count on fun when the picture beneath is revealed on this wooden play board! Build fine... Learn More
  7. MELISSA & DOUG Animal Pattern Wooden Blocks Set

    MELISSA & DOUG Animal Pattern Wooden Blocks Set


    Features 10 animal scenes with recessed sections in which to match oversized pattern blocks plus ideas for additional skill-building activities.

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts. Not... Learn More
  8. MELISSA & DOUG Classic 100 Wooden Blocks Set

    MELISSA & DOUG Classic 100 Wooden Blocks Set


    100 wooden blocks in four colours and nine shapes for your little builder to stack build and knock down! Bright non-toxic colours add to construction... Learn More
  9. MND3723 image 4

    MELISSA & DOUG Farm Animals Wooden Chunky Puzzle


    Have fun on the farm with this extra thick wooden puzzle. It includes eight easy-grasp chunky farm animals and a barn. Each piece has a... Learn More
  10. MND3554 image 6

    MELISSA & DOUG Nina Ballerina Wooden Magnetic Dress-Up Set


    Nina prima ballerina is ready to perform with grace and beauty in practice tights or bespangled tutu. This set includes a magnetic wooden doll with... Learn More
  11. MND3722 image # 1

    MELISSA & DOUG Safari Animals Wooden Chunky Puzzle


    African animal favourites are featured on this extra thick wooden puzzle. Eight easy-grasp chunky wild animal pieces have a full-colour matching pictures underneath. The animal... Learn More
  12. MND513 image # 1

    MELISSA & DOUG Wooden Sandwich Making Set


    Stack your sandwich the way you like it with the 16 fixins in this wooden sandwich kit. Use the wooden knife to slice apart the... Learn More
  13. MND3285 image 2

    MELISSA & DOUG Shapes Wooden Peg Puzzle


    This wooden peg puzzle includes eight colourful shape pieces. Each shape is identified by a label underneath the piece and by adorable animal illustrations on... Learn More
  14. Brio Railway 33481 Adventure Tunnel

    Brio Railway 33481 Adventure Tunnel


    Play above! Drive below!

    With four exciting sounds when trains travel through this is more an adventure park ride than a tunnel. Four different sounds... Learn More
  15. MND167 image # 1

    Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza Party Cutting Food


    Create your own personal pizza with this sturdy wooden pizza set. Six sliceable pieces served in a brightly coloured tray complete with a pizza cutter... Learn More
  16. ED367557_E3116 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Play Food Healthy Gourmet Salad



    Special: $29.67
    Save: $5.23 (15%)

    Mix toss and serve a colourful gourmet salad.

    * Main Materials: Wood, Water based paint, PP, Felt


    * Imagination & Creativity: Encourages imitative... Learn More
  17. PIN06577 image # 1

    Pintoy Wooden Dolls House Grandfather Doll



    Special: $5.00
    Save: $6.90 (58%)

    The doll made with the durability solid rubberwood and wire and can bend to any position.

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children... Learn More
  18. ED334664_E3001 image # 1

    HAPE Wooden Fix-It Tool Box



    Special: $24.57
    Save: $4.33 (15%)

    HAPE Fix-It Tool BoxNuts bolts and all the tools little builders need to tinker are conveniently packed in this ready-for-action case.

    * 14 pieces
    *... Learn More
  19. ED359547_E3121 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Checkout Cash Register



    Special: $39.87
    Save: $7.03 (15%)

    Cash or credit? This sturdy register lets kids scan a card or pay with money. Pay value: priceless.

    * 37 pieces
    * Main Materials: Wood... Learn More
  20. ED385971_E3600 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Baby Doll Highchair



    Special: $53.47
    Save: $9.43 (15%)

    This mini highchair encourages dolls to sit up straight and eat their food.

    Ask what dollys favourite foods are. Watch how your child guides the... Learn More
  21. ED386003_E3603 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Baby Doll Stroller



    Special: $67.07
    Save: $11.83 (15%)

    This classic stroller lets your child take dolly for a walk around the block.or all through the house.

    Listen to the conversations your child has... Learn More
  22. ED385989_E3601 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Rock-A-Bye Baby Doll Cradle



    Special: $67.07
    Save: $11.83 (15%)

    Rock dolly to sleep in this sturdy cradle.

    Sing lullabyes as your child rocks the cradle. Encourage your child to tell a bedtime story.

    *... Learn More
  23. ED393728_E6008 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Quadrilla The Cyclone Marble Run Set



    Special: $186.92
    Save: $32.98 (15%)

    Learning is at the heart of Hape toys!

    The Cyclone is the largest Quadrilla set. Two spiraling funnels 12 curved rails and 10 power-boosting accelerators... Learn More
  24. ED343400_E3002 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Park N Go Garage



    Special: $76.42
    Save: $13.48 (15%)

    With four levels of parking gas pumps and a roof top landing pad busy drivers will be coming and going in every direction.

    * Main... Learn More
  25. Hape Wooden Play Food Homemade Pizza

    Hape Wooden Play Food Homemade Pizza



    Special: $29.67
    Save: $5.23 (15%)

    Extra cheese? Hold the peppers! Kids can make their favorite meal any way and anytime they want it. Count the slices and everything that goes... Learn More
  26. B33061 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33061 Wooden Cargo Harbour Set


    The container ship sails across the water and arrives in the harbour with cargo. The battery operated train is waiting to get loaded with help... Learn More
  27. B33391 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33391 Wooden Collapsing Bridge


    Ready set collapse! Press the red button to make the bridge collapse so that no trains can pass until the bridge has been rebuilt again.... Learn More
  28. B33719 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33719 Wooden Farm Railway Set



    Special: $61.53
    Save: $26.37 (30%)

    Out on the farm life is quiet. The cow and horse are out on pasture while the tractor is taking the hay load to the... Learn More
  29. B33513 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33513 Wooden Metro Railway Set



    Special: $93.42
    Save: $16.48 (15%)

    Take the metro into the city! The train keeps up with the driver - the faster its pushed the more light and train sound it... Learn More
  30. B33512 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33512 Wooden Travel Switching Set


    Connect from one train to another with this exciting railway set full of play! The blue line has a battery powered train that takes passengers... Learn More
  31. B33683 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33683 Double Suspension Bridge


    BRIO's longest bridge takes you on a thrilling journey across the water. The bridge stands steadily and can be rebuilt to form shorter suspension bridges... Learn More
  32. ED343319_E0411 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Creative Peg Puzzle



    Special: $24.57
    Save: $4.33 (15%)

    Grooved shapes and pegged posts add an extra dimension of challenge to this colourful puzzle.

    * Main Materials: Wood Water based paint ABS.

  33. ED367292_E0340 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Butterfly Push Pal



    Special: $30.52
    Save: $5.38 (15%)

    A gentle push or pull gets this butterflys wings fluttering and your toddlers feet flying. Encourage coordination and balance.

    * Main Materials: Wood Water based... Learn More
  34. B33208 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33208 Wooden Rail & Road Crane Set


    You can always trust this strong mechanical crane to do its job. It will unload the heavy cargo from the train when it arrives and... Learn More
  35. B33209 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33209 Wooden Rail & Road Travel Set


    Here comes the passenger train! The two-wagon train is ready to take the passengers around this magnificent BRIO train world. Look out the window and... Learn More
  36. B33097 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33097 Wooden Cargo Railway Deluxe Set


    With this 50 piece railway set the freight and cargo world is almost complete. An action packed train world filled with mechanical and loading functions... Learn More
  37. B33210 image # 1

    Brio Railway 33210 Wooden Rail & Road Loading Set


    Lift and load! This set is packed with lots of play including two trucks and a train pulling a crane wagon that can lift loads... Learn More
  38. ED367581_E0341 image # 1

    Hape Wooden Garden Butterfly Push Pal



    Special: $30.52
    Save: $5.38 (15%)

    A gentle push or pull keeps these butterflies in motion and your toddler on his toes.

    Age: 12 months & up Learn More
  39. Brio Railway 33578 Wooden Record and Play Station

    Brio Railway 33578 Wooden Record and Play Station


    Record your own railway announcements! This interactive station features buttons for recording and playing messages. It also features pre-recorded engine sounds a station light and... Learn More
  40. Brio Railway 33204 Wooden Parking Garage

    Brio Railway 33204 Wooden Parking Garage


    Bring the world of rail and road together in this unique parking garage with multiple levels of fun! Drive to the top and park take... Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 181 total

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