Wooden Toys

Remember the great wooden toys you had when you were a kid? Indulge nostalgia with great wooden cars, pull-along toys, and pretend food sets at Yogee Toys! Get all the classics for your little one like the Happy Stacker, Sorting Basket, and Activity Train from Pintoys. Your child can learn with durable letters, numbers, cash registers, calendars and more! Kids can create keepsakes with craft projects and art sets by Melissa & Doug. Kids can start a band or learn about nutrition with toys from Plan Toys and Sevi. Get ready for some old-fashioned fun at Yogee Toys!

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  1. WM501 image # 1

    Wooden.City 3D Wooden Puzzles: World Map M


    Wooden World Map 3D puzzle for your wall. Made easily with your own hands and secured to any surface with double-sided tape. Mark your travels... Learn More
  2. WR313 image # 1

    Wooden.City Kinetic 3D Wooden Puzzles: Pendulum


    Pendulum by Wooden.City is another fascinating example of mechanical art and high-level of puzzle challenge. Assemble 121 parts into a beautiful instrument of time measurement... Learn More
  3. WR315 image # 1

    Wooden.City 3D Wooden Puzzles: Mystery Box


    Mystery Box is created for you to store some lovely memorable treasures. This hand-made treasure box cannot leave anyone indifferent. There’s a mystery to be... Learn More
  4. V8 image # 1

    Wooden.City Kinetic 3D Wooden Puzzles: V8 Engine


    This 3D mechanical model was successfully launched by Wooden.City at Kickstarter in May 2018. Ideal present for teenagers who are passionate about cars. And definitely... Learn More
  5. QT865 image # 1

    Q Toys Natural Wooden Sink


    Handcrafted in Vietnam, this solid-wood sink is an economic yet stylish kitchen play toy. The unit comprises of a stainless steel sink and a vanity.... Learn More
  6. QT866 image # 1

    Q Toys Natural Wooden Stove


    Handcrafted in Vietnam, this solid-wood stove is an economic yet stylish kitchen play toy. The unit comprises of 4 cooktops and an oven. The unit... Learn More
  7. QT867 image # 1

    Q Toys Wooden Stove and Sink Combination


    Handcrafted in Vietnam, this solid-wood combo stove and sink is an economic yet stylish kitchen play set. The unit comprises of a sink, 4 cooktops... Learn More
  8. QT856 image # 1

    Q Toys Wooden Tree House Complex


    This tree house complex set will bring children to the imaginative world. The set is more than just a tree house, it's a play complex,... Learn More
  9. QT897 image # 1

    Q Toys Wooden Horse Stable


    Gorgeous horse stable for imaginative and pretend play for your little ones. This wooden stable houses up to 6 small horse models (not included), and... Learn More
  10. QT859 image # 1

    Q Toys Wooden Tree Blocks 106 pcs


    This 106 piece tree blocks set will offer endless play opportunities, from building a castle to set a scene for pretend play! The set is... Learn More
  11. B33351 image # 1

    Brio 33351 Viaduct Bridge for Railway


    Is there a road up ahead? No problem! Just add the viaduct bridge for your BRIO railway and your train can use it to go... Learn More
  12. B33735 image # 1

    Brio 33735 Tunnel


    It's a long, dark path to travel down, but all BRIO trains see the light at the end of the tunnel. Add this piece to... Learn More
  13. B33866 image # 1

    Brio 33866 Low Level Crane


    A train is coming fully loaded! Lift the load with the crane – it can handle really heavy loads. Rotate the crane, lower the arm... Learn More
  14. B33699 image # 1

    Brio 33699 Curved Bridge


    Let's be honest. A cool bridge makes a train journey more fun. Not to mention all the new layouts you can build going over and... Learn More
  15. B33773 image # 1

    Brio 33773 Railway Starter Set


    Everything you need to build and play with your first BRIO railway in an ultimate way. Start with a track layout formed like an eight,... Learn More
  16. B33815 image # 1

    Brio 33815 Firefighter Set


    There is a fire and they need your help! Drive immediately to the docking station and fill the fire train with water and gas. The... Learn More
  17. ED505578 image # 1

    Hape City Fire Station


    Clang-clang-clang! The alarm in the fire station is ringing and flashing – there’s a fire to put out! Slide the fire fighter down the pole... Learn More
  18. PIN14511 image # 1

    Pintoy Balance Scales


    BALANCE. A great set for teaching young children about balance and different weights. The beautifully made wooden scales feature 2 suspended trays, and 6 wooden... Learn More
  19. ED505606 image # 1

    Hape Jungle Adventure Railway Table


    Explore the jungle and its animals with this child-sized play table. Drive the train through the arches and make the birds fly. But watch out... Learn More
  20. ED505699 image # 1

    Hape Crank Powered Train


    Turn the crank on top of this clever little engine to generate and store enough power to drive it down the track. Select forward, reverse... Learn More
  21. ED505702 image # 1

    Hape Solar Powered Circuit 37 Pieces


    Step into the future with this solar-powered rail set. The engine has its own solar panel that generates enough electricity to power its lights. Push... Learn More
  22. ED505675 image # 1

    Hape Crossing & Crane Set 34 Pieces


    Watch out! When the safety gate comes down the train is coming. This realistic rail cargo set includes a working magnetic crane, a train, a... Learn More
  23. ED505634 image # 1

    Hape Grand City Station 45 Pieces


    All aboard! This two-level station kit lets you experience all the thrills of a big city railway. Have your passenger buy a ticket, ride the... Learn More
  24. ED505597 image # 1

    Hape Busy City Rail Set 51 Pieces


    Train tracks aren’t just for passenger trains. There’s freight to deliver, too! This complete city-themed rail set features a passenger and a freight train, a... Learn More
  25. ED492720 image # 1

    George Luck Hidden Depths Puzzle 94 Pieces

    0 10 0

    There's so much to discover above water and down below in this pond themed puzzle. Count how many animal friends you can see!

    Who is... Learn More
  26. CW3642 image # 1

    Classic World 100 Blocks

    0 10 0

    Building with blocks will assist your child to develop motor skills and enhance problem solving, imagination and creativity. Building with others will also teach cooperation... Learn More
  27. TD-11929B image # 1

    Olivia's Little World Little Princess 45cm Doll Furniture - Classic Single Bed


    Every doll needs somewhere to sleep! The Classic single bed fits dolls thirty to forty-five cm long. Made from sturdy wood and non-toxic paints, your... Learn More
  28. TD-0209A image # 1

    Olivia's Little World Little Princess 45cm Doll Furniture - Classic Closet with Hangers


    Gorgeous white and floral decorated closet for dolls is a great place to store all of their fancy dresses and dress up items. Two mirrored... Learn More
  29. TD-11930A-B image # 1

    Olivia's Little World Little Princess 45cm Doll Furniture - Pink Lounge Set


    Have your dolls relax in style with the cozy hot pink longer set. Comes with white furniture and hot pink padding with stylish circular design.... Learn More
  30. TD-0211A image # 1

    Olivia's Little World Little Princess 45cm Doll Furniture - Sweet Pink Kitchen


    Cooking is a breeze for dollie with the dream pink kitchen! White play kitchen has a chic floral design on the window for the oven,... Learn More
  31. ED505741 image # 1

    Hape Railway Play Table


    This sturdy little table is the perfect surface for railway play. Set up your track around the jungle scenery and animals. When you’re done, pack... Learn More
  32. ED505739 image # 1

    Hape Sensory Railway 14 Pieces


    Stimulate your child’s sense of sight, touch and hearing with this engaging rail set. Includes a musical xylophone track, a rattle, rainbow track, a colourful... Learn More
  33. ED505725 image # 1

    Hape Nutty Squirrel Railway 5 pieces


    This squirrel is just nuts about sliding down! Place him at the top of the tree and watch roll down the different ramps and ring... Learn More
  34. ED505668 image # 1

    Hape Cargo Delivery Loop 19 Pieces


    People are waiting for their cargo! Use the magnetic crane to load containers onto the train. Then press the button on the engine to drive... Learn More
  35. ED505623 image # 1

    Hape Rainbow Puzzle Railway 30 Pieces


    Make playtime learning time with this colorful rail set. Solve the bead maze and shape sorter as you drive the animal train around. Encourage children... Learn More
  36. ED505610 image # 1

    Hape Music and Monkeys Railway 19 Pieces


    A beautiful melody plays as you drive the jungle train over the xylophone track. Then cheeky monkeys pop up as you pass the bushes! An... Learn More
  37. ED505532 image # 1

    Hape Massive Mountain Mine 18 Pieces


    Drive your train from the surface of this sturdy mountain into the busy mine operating deep inside! This multi-level playset provides a complete wooden railway... Learn More
  38. ED497956 image # 1

    Hape Reversible Train Storage Table


    This reversible multi-purpose storage table features two sides, a jungle and a city mode to encompass different play modes and story lines for every child’s... Learn More
  39. ED505804 image # 1

    Hape All Seasons Dollhouse Furnished


    Home for All Seasons. Engaging finishes modern fittings two-sided roof and movable stairs. Fill with furniture and families for endless hours of fun.

    A home... Learn More
  40. ED451195-451202-451218-BD image # 1

    Hape Value Pack: Crane Lift + Great Big Digger + Dumper Truck


    This value pack includes: "Hape Crane Lift", "Hape Great Big Digger" & "Hape Dumper Truck".

    Hape Crane Lift

    Durable 10 piece set made from high... Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 343 total

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