Viking Toys

Viking Toys is specialised in design and manufacturing of safe and high-quality toys for children ages 1 and up. Their principles and ideas for safety and quality have been the foundation upon which their success and position in the toy market are based on. Their products are made to be played with and work in the sandpit and on the lawn as well as in the living room or on the kitchen table. Their Toys must last for many hours of play and in order to allow this, the choices of materials have been crucial. The materials must be able to endure years of rough play and different weather conditions. The soft materials they have chosen neither breaks nor those it lose its colour when exposed to sun, cold or rainy weather. The axles are produced from strong rustproof steel so they can endure the humid conditions and also withstand the rough play they are exposed to. The soft-rubber wheels allow our toys to keep on rolling silently for many years to come. Throughout the years and around the world, they have received several awards for excellent design and function.