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BERG Buddy Pedal Go-Kart Ride-On Car - Cross Yellow 2.0

BERG Buddy Pedal Go-Kart Ride-On Car - Cross Yellow 2.0

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Dare greatly on this duo-tone vibrant yellow masterpiece, you’ll be noticed everywhere. This design has been thoroughly worked over with funky new rims and cool new tyres. The improved ergonomic bucket seat assures ultimate comfort, and extra grip on the steering means absolute driving control. The Buddy Cross elevates your experience with the BERG soundbox and off-road tyres allows you to tackle any terrain. Choose your own adventure!

* Built in BERG Soundbox with 4 different tones: braking, honking, starting the engine and accelerating.
* Four wheel stability
* Adjustable seat & steering
* Robust steel powder coated frame
* Pneumatic [air filled] tyres ensure supreme comfort
* Unique BFR technology [Brake – Freewheel – Reverse] allows you to pedal forwards, backwards and brake
* Freewheel allows you to ‘coast’ so while the cart is still moving the pedals remain still
* Swing axle keeps you firmly grounded
* Ball bearings makes pedalling super light
* Easy to assemble
* Handy & fun accessories available

Age: 3-8 years
Recommended Body Length: 100-130cm
Max Weight: 50kg
Car Size: approx. 63cm (H) x 115cm (L) x 65cm (W)
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