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Crayola Washable Fingerpaints

Crayola Washable Fingerpaints

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CRAYOLA Washable Fingerpaints provide a worry-free fingerprinting experience! The squeezable bottles have non-spill caps for easy paint control and the paint washes easily from skin and clothes. Now you can let kids create without worrying about the mess!

* 4 squeeze bottles of vibrant washable fingerpaints in Red Blue Green and Yellow.
* Each bottle contains 147ml of fingerpaints.
* Non-Toxic.
* Thicker than poster paint.
* Gel like feel.
* Easy to squeeze and no spills!


1. Double prints

Fold paper in half and then open it. Fingerpaint a design on one side using plenty of paint. Fold the paper and rub gently to transfer the paint. Open the paper to see your symmetrical design.

2. Stipple Effect

Dip your finger into the paint. Press on paper several times. Repeat with the same or different colour. Paint lots of dots or make just a couple. Overlap dots or space them for apart.

3. Clouds of Colour

Starting with blue swirl fingerpaint to make clouds. Next swirl red paint into a cloud overlapping some of it with the blue so that the colours mix to form a purple cloud. Repeat with yellow and red (to make orange) and then yellow and blue (to make green) clouds.

WARNING: Children under 3 years of age should be supervised by adults. Contains the preservatives DMDM Hydantoin and 2-Phenoxyethanol and embittering agent Bitrex (denatonium benzoate).

Age: 2 years & up
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