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Tomy Toomies 3 in 1 Fishing Frenzy Bath Toy & FREE Swim Cap

Tomy Toomies 3 in 1 Fishing Frenzy Bath Toy & FREE Swim Cap

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BUY 1 "Tomy Toomies 3 in 1 Fishing Frenzy Bath Toy" & get 1 "Floaties Swim Cap Neutral Green 1-3years" for FREE.

Tomy Toomies 3 in 1 Fishing Frenzy Bath Toy

Keep little hands busy at bath time with the 3 in 1 Fishing Frenzy from Toomies. This colourful fishing rod comes with three cheeky, wide-eyed Octopals and invites you to play in three different ways.

As the Octopal bath toys for babies float and bob about in the tub, mums, dads and all the kids can try to catch them by their hoop on the end of the fishing line. Next up, stick each octopus bath toy to the side of the bath or on the wall tiles using their suction pads and see how their tentacles spin round and round. Finally, there’s another surprise in store. The fishing rod’s soft and squishy hand grip separates to provide a water squirter. Dunk it down under, give it a squeeze and… squirt! Point it at an Octopal and send it spinning. Place the three Octopals close together so their tentacles engage like cogs and get them all in a spin at the same time with a single blast of water!

Designed to help children gain confidence in water, little ones will love the toy’s soft-touch finish, bright colours and engaging features. The fishing activity encourages role play and is ideal for developing fine motor skills, while using the squirter with the Octopals teaches cause and effect. No batteries required.

Age: 18 months & up

Floaties Swim Cap Neutral Green 1-3years

Floaties swim caps are made with a soft and flexible material that is comfortable for kids to wear and provides a secure fit. They are designed to help keep your child's hair out of their face and to prevent water from getting into their ears. This can help to make swimming lessons more enjoyable for your child and help them to feel more confident in the water.

* Rated UPF50+ excellent protection
* Chlorine & fade resistant
* Excellent comfort and fit
* Quick drying polyester material
* Polyester

NOTE: Average size and fitting may vary depending on the childs physical size and shape.

Age: 1-3 years
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