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Tuck Me in Bag 10 Book Set

Tuck Me in Bag 10 Book Set

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If you want a lovely collection of books you can enjoy with your child then this is the perfect set for you. Included here are 10 gorgeous stories that are perfect for bedtime reading and helping a child learn to love to read.

While each of these books is its very own story. They all have amazing artwork and charming stories with characters that children will like and relate to. These books are a great way to bond with a child, but they also will start to love reading and realize just how amazing the world of books is. Each book is brought to life by some of the best children’s authors and illustrators around.

* Publisher: Walker Books
* Format: Paperback

The 10 books that are in this set:

* Ten in the Bed
* On the Night of the Shooting Star
* Polly’s Pink Pyjamas
* Sleepy Places
* I Dare You Not to Yawn
* Good Night Like This
* Kiss Goodnight, Sam
* Cowboy Baby
* Dinosaurs Don’t Have Bedtimes
* Goodnight Tiptoe

Each of these books is written and illustrated with bedtime reading in mind. So, snuggle up, get close, and enjoy reading together as you dive into these ten fun and lovely stories.

Key Features:

* This set contains 10 wonderful books
* These are the kind of stories that are perfect for reading at bedtime
* Each book features some incredible artwork to bring the story to life
* A great way to help a child embrace the world of books
* These books can be a great bonding experience for an adult and a child
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